Invest In Your Safety

Empowered Defense Program™

Online self-defense program designed specifically for women by women. 

Every 73 seconds someone is sexually assaulted

1 out of 3 women will be attacked in her lifetime

Only 5 out of every 1000 perpetrators go to jail

It's up to YOU to choose not become a statistic


In the Empowered Defense Program™ you will learn


In every situation you will always have a choice to make. You'll learn how to make an empowered decision. 


Know exactly which area's of an attackers body are the most vulnerable for you to strike to escape.


In knowing that you are a powerful & strong women with the skills to be able to get away from an attacker


Everything you need to know about how to stop being an easy target & how to easily identify a potential threat.


You have 11 weapons on your body at all times. Learn what these are & how to use them effectively.


Staging your home & creating a safety plan so that everyone is prepared in the case of a home invasion is critical.


Learn about the Fight or Flight response & how to use it to your advantage as well as preparing for a fight. 


The most effective techniques for any women to use successfully no matter her size or strength


Drills so you can practice the skills you've learnt with your family so that everyone is empowered.

Some really useful tips on situational awareness and online safety. Really practical self defence tools. It's awesome. Highly recommended to all women out there

Chanti Wilson

Management Consultant

The techniques and skills you all shared with the group is extremely valuable to a woman in today’s world. Thank you!

Sala Price

Chapter Manager of YPO Durban

I have a bold, unstoppable mission to be able to reach every woman and child in every corner of the world to empower them to make better choices and prevent themselves from danger, violence, struggles and heartbreak.

Through my program, no matter what the scenario, you'll feel strong and confident in your ability to protect not only yourself but your family, friends and others who may be helpless.

You do have choices and you can choose not to end up becoming a victim.​


Let me show you how...

Ann du Plessis


"Your best form of self-defense is to never have to defend yourself in the first place" - Ann

An attack is never random. You have been watched and you have been chosen. Your attacker may have watched you for 30 seconds or for 3 weeks.


Like animals hunting in the wild, they will select the easiest target as their prey, so human attackers do the same. It's up to you to show up as that strong, confident and powerful woman so that you are never chosen.


Answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently

I'm not strong or fit, will this program work for me ?

Why would I buy this program when I can watch self-defense online ?

Why would I take an online program instead of an in-person course ?

1. Learn at your own pace - typically when you attend a self-defense seminar you go through it once then and there and have to try and remember everything. Generally, you'll forget most of what you learnt which makes it pretty pointless.

2. Additional support - in-person self-defense courses have no follow up support. You are left to fend for yourself. There is no one to guide you as you practice at home, no one to critique your techniques and no-one to ask questions.

In my program, you have access to the full course and you get the additional support from me personally in the community if you choose to join the community. You are far more likely to remember and practice what you've learnt this way.

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